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Leather Sport Seats - [P77]

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Leather Sport Seats
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The Leather Sport Seats have firmer padding, shoulder bolsters
larger side and leg bolsters than the

standard seats
which adds a very sporty feel to any Cayman. You will feel
like you are sitting 'in' the seat as opposed to 'on' the seat.
These seats offer mechanical height, fore/aft
adjustments and electric seat back angle adjustment. There are no lumbar, bolster
or seat bottom angle adjustments. The seat backs are finished in a Volcano Grey hard

(click a picture for a closer look)

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design

Option XSA Backs Painted Ext Color -

Tire Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design

Automotive design Comfort Basic pump Auto part Human leg

Benefits: Because these seat are not electrically
powered, they do not add any unnecessary weight to a Cayman and are not likely
to ever require maintenance or repair. Sport seats add a sporty and
aggressive feel to any car. Some people say that the mechanical seats will
drop lower and slide further back than the powered seats will. This can be a
benefit for very tall Cayman owners. If this might be you, we recommend
visiting your dealership and testing both seats side by side. Those who
wish to further customize their sport seats can choose the XSA option to have
the seat backs painted in the exterior color.

Drawbacks: Entering and exiting a car with sport seats takes
a little more flexibility than with standard seats. Adjustments are somewhat limited so you need to make sure that these seats
really fit your body before purchase. There are many people who find these
seats very comfortable. People of larger size generally find the standard
seats more comfortable. These seats do not pamper you with luxuries like electronic memory. If you
plan to frequently share your Cayman with another driver and want sport seats,
you may want to step up to the Adaptive Sport Seats to gain the memory

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FAQ Information: This FAQ was
originally written by Gator Bite and has been updated and revised by our
Last Revised: April 2010
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