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Small cars can provide ultra luxury, too! Luxury OEMs, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin have both announced new releases of small cars in Europe.

Rolls Royce recently announced they are planning to release a special edition Mini Cooper in 2010. Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce are both owned by parent company, BMW. It makes sense to offer a minicar to wealthy Rolls Royce owner garages that is easy on the environment, yet still allows the posh comforts to which they are accustomed.

Aston Martin is also working on a minicar called the Cygnet for the European market. The Cygnet will help the automaker comply with the 2012 emissions regulation. Aston Martin is partnering with Toyota to utilize the iQ platform, but the exterior and interior plans are said to meet the Aston Martin luxury expectations. In the recent minicar analysis I wrote, titled "Will Super Small Cars Generate Super Small Sales", the Cygnet, included in the Western European automotive forecast, was expected to sell 625 units in Western Europe by 2014.

So the big question... With a Mini Cooper starting at $20K and a Rolls Royce Phantom going for $380K+, how much will the Mini Cooper Rolls Royce Edition cost? Anyone ready to place an order?

Posted by Margaret Zewatsky, Global Market Analyst, Polk (11.24.2009)

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