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Hello all,

I am looking to buy a 2017 991.2 C4S, which will be my first Porsche. I need some advice however, so a few questions:

1. Is it worth going CPO? I believe any new Porsche has a 4 year warranty so I should still have at least 12 months of warranty on my purchase, right?
2. If I don't go for a CPO car, do I still need an independent inspection (given that I still have warranty)? I think it's probably still worth it, but I'd like your thoughts.
3. Would you buy a car from a dealer without seeing it and have it shipped? The thought of this scares me, but I'm sure people do it.
4. I'm interested in what options people think are worthwhile. I'm looking for:

Must haves:
- Sport Chrono package
- sunroof (I'm coming from a convertible today)
- heated & vented seats (like like the idea of vented in the NY summers)

Nice to haves:
- 18-way sports seats
- sports exhaust

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Hey Mcdiugaa. First off, congratulations! Your life is about to change for the better. :) My thoughts on your questions: 1. Yes and yes. CPOs are always great to have when you can get one for a competitive price. That said, I have owned a couple of pre-loved Porsches and neither were CPOs or ended up having problems. The important thing is to have a good idea of what you're getting... do your homework on any potential issues that have arisen with the year/model you're looking at and have those things inspected.
2. Like CPOs, independent inspections are a great idea. That said, if I'm buying CPO, I'd feel comfortable without having one done since the requirements for CPO are sufficient, at least in my opinion.
3. Yes. I have done this with a 911 and had no issues. The salesmen took me on a close-up FaceTime inspection of the vehicle and followed-up with pics as requested. As for shipping, make sure you go with a reputable shipper! Read reviews...
4. I like your list of options as they are what I chose as well.

Good luck in your search, assuming you haven't pulled the trigger already!
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