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There have been enough discussions to know that it's not just me. With that said, I have really not used my headlights during the daytime because from a philosophical perspective I can't do that. I have automatic headlights in my car and if I can't use them in auto mode, there is no value in it. So, to complete my understanding of the issue, I will turn my headlights on next time I'm out during the daytime to see if they are still hard to see.
Tried the headlights on during daylight hours. It is certainly easier to see the panel but still not great in low light conditions or with sunglasses on.
I think for me all I want is to paint the needle bright white. Having bright white numbers would be the icing on the cake.
BTW, here's a photo of what a dashboard should look like from a visibility perspective, from my cheap little Subaru Legacy in daytime mode:
Let's compare that to my CGTS without headlights on, both taken in daylight:
41 - 42 of 42 Posts