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Clear evidence that it's the driver more than the car.
I agree the driver is important, and that driver, AFAIK, is the Koenigsegg factory driver. But beyond that, that car is not a stock, OEM car. Its not the same thing as you will see for Ring times. I don't know how much all the mods cost but:

1. no passenger seat,
2. big brakes
3. coilovers
4. most everything stripped out? No AC, no PS,

they basically built a race car. The ripped out the transmission and put in a 5 speed close ratio for the track. That's "gearing" the car for the track. Who does that? This is not any old Miata, its a race car. Is their $20K of mods in that car?

But the really big thing here is that is not the "Ring" as most people know it to compare times. That's the BTG, noted right on the name of the video and promptly displayed at the BTG website. That's about 1.5 km short of the standard. So ... roughly, add at least 20 seconds. So to compare, maybe just short of an 8 min Ring time. Where does that stack up? Right about where a 981 BS is.

So this appears to be a pretty much stripped, heavily modified (e.g., full race exhaust, tires, etc.) modified Miata with a transmission to suit the track driven by a Factory race car driver coming in to about where a 2012/2013, eight year old pure street Boxster S, that anyone here could have bought, also driven by a factory driver.

Yeah, I believe that 100%. The real message here is that a great driver will embarrass a regular driver every day. There is no comparison. Its their job.

The moment you see "BTG", its not the same thing as the standards discussed put up by the factory drivers. Its short.
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