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It was good to meet you, but unfortunate that the weather wasn't more accommodating.

The sealer issue is a problem and it has gotten worse in the last few years. We first drove the track after it was repaved in May of 06 and it didn't have sealer on it at all. We had a 2 day DE and it poured both days, but MOR ran all the groups and I was amazed how much traction we got out of our then new 06 Boxster and the PS2's on the car--very confidence inspiring.

They added the sealer gradually and it seemed like last year they expanded it away from the apex areas to nearly mid-track-- the right-hander turn 9 at the bottom of madness is the worst example and is treacherous when wet.
When you see the instructors not coming out when the track is wet, the message is pretty obvious.

Sunday cleared up pretty well, we got 5 session in--including the one after lunch which provided a few heart flutters as a very brief shower opened up just as I started to enter the braking zone going into turn 1. If it weren't for the PSM coming on, I'd sailed into the kitty liter.

Anyway, I hope you saw enough to warrant a trip back; we've been driving there for 5 years and learn something new every DE.
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