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No, I didn't get pulled over for driving too slow at Hallett this month :taunt: . . . but I did have an interesting vehicle to share my raceport with.

I thought it was a real police car when I first saw it (the Oklahoma H.P. do drive some mean-looking Dodge Chargers), however on closer inspection there were a few discrepancies, like the lack of radios and other usual law enforcement paraphenalia inside, and the following motto on the side:

. . . which didn't quite jive with the usual "to protect and serve". . .

Turns out it is just a "stock" Saleen Mustang which the owner modified to resemble the one in the movie Transformers (which I had never seen - much to the disappointment of the car's owner) . . . the POLICE and 911 decals are magnetic and removable (at the request of his local P.D.), but he drives around with the light bar and white vinyl-wrapped doors all the time. Anyway, it made for a nifty pacecar for the week-end.

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