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My friend just finished installing a Milltek exhaust in my Cayenne S 2013. It sounds mean and Im totally happy with it.
So I ordered the non resonated one. A small note here that Milltek makes this exhaust for the Cayenne Turbo only and not for the S. I emailed a few people around and none of them could tell whether it would fit my S. So my buddy looked around and was of the opinion lets order it and he felt the only thing that we might have to do would be make a pipe because the Turbo and the S have different diameters.
So ended up ordering it from design911uk. They were the cheapest and gave a further 10% discount which paid itself for the international shipping.
Since mine is a S and the Milltek exhaust comes with quad tips I searched for the quad tips online. Millteks/Fabspeed and all others were honestly HORRENDOUSLY priced. I mean we can buy a kidney for those prices. I found OEM tips on fleabay and ordered them. My buddy also told me that we would need 2 extra clamps to fit the quad pipes to the exhaust pipes. 2 of them he would be using the old ones. So back to fleabay and found 2 used clamps and ordered them too.
Once we had everything he fitted the exhaust. Everything lined up perfectly except the pipes which would join right after the cats. So he cut off a small piece from the milltek pipe and welded on a smaller pipe which mated well with the OEM pipe.
Had his guy paint up the OEM tail pipes in black.
I have my cats deleted also so the sound is mean. With windows up cant hear much....but open the windows and it rumbles. Am posting video clips but they dont do justice. So for anyone whos planning on this exhaust the sound is much deeper than what it appears in the videos.
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