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2008 Cayman RS (my version) and non-RS 2010 GT3
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The .2’s have better resale value for various reasons. I’d say confidently it’s the best Cayman S beside the GT4 or R. The R isn’t worth the cash, but it’s a great car.

My headers/exhaust, I got about 20hp gain and that’s with a Malone ecu reflash. They don’t leave a lot on the table for improvement… the only real way on an N/A car is displacement… but unless you need a motor it’s also not worth it..
your best value on these cars for mods is suspension, wheels and tires… even if it’s just springs which isn’t the best option but for 300-400 it’s the most cost effective mod for the money you can do
1 - 2 of 2 Posts