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I know all these questions are exhausting :cool:

But I have seen the monstrous muffler underneath the back of the Cayenne I just acquired.

It's a base model V6 and is very quiet but I would like to hear it a little.

I have seen the thing where you run flex pipe through the muffler but is there anything wrong with just plain old dismounting that muff and the two pipes to it and to pipes from it and replace it with a locally fabricated setup using pipes just as big, Magnaflow muffs, and exiting the same place?

Is keeping that muffler a must?

Local shop can do it. He did a similar setup with my V6 Frontier and it sounded great.

Maybe about $300.

I have looked at all the prefab systems and they are a bit pricey. I don't need to get carried away. It's not a hot rod.
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