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Over the past few months I've been thinking of what I want to do - car wise.
And, I have absolutely no conclusions :). But, here is how things stand right now - I will concentrate on the Cayman and Porsche in general and not speak about my other Non Porsche cars.

I absolutely love the Cayman. It is such a nice car... It is an awesome daily and a decent track car. I especially love the sound and the manual gearbox. I've contemplating about trading it in for a 718 GTS 4.0 or a 718 GT4 and, even if the 718's are much more capable on track, for daily drive I would stick to my Cayman (the noise is affected in the 718 because of the particle filter installed to the exhaust). So, I intend to keep this Cayman for a very long while.
The general idea is that I would have a few weekend cars, the Cayman for daily(ish) and a GT3/GT3RS (997.2, 991.1, 991.2 or 992) for track days. Right now the budget doesn't allow for a GT3/GT3RS but even if it did, the driver is nowhere near the skill required to use a car like that. I've reviewed some of my "brown moments" with the other trackday car I have (VW Golf) and I remember how close to the limit I was going. I am far from that in the Cayman - probably because it is much more expensive if I crash it.

So, I NEED TO IMPROVE MY DRIVING SKILLS o_O! I order to do that, I started watching this tutorial.
And I notices how far behind I am, regarding my skills :(. I guess the more you learn, the less you know...

I will try to use what Scott is teaching and I also bought two Porsche TrackDay Experiences.

1. g-Force Testtrack Boxberg
Basically I will be driving a 992 CarreraS and learn to control oversteer. This is especially handy since, as I said, in a few years I would like to buy a 911.

2. Master Nürburgring GP & Nordschleife
After sending my driving diplomas and some videos from trackdays, I got admitted to this training and I start from their Master Level Experience :jumping:
I will be driving my Cayman and I hope to better learn racing lines and how to control the car. Since this trip is quite close to my service interval date, I will also have the car serviced at Nurburging at Manthey-Racing. Yes, they are the Porsche specialists that built this:

So, since I am there, I am investigating the possibility of changing the sway bars with the Sport Chassis ones and also have a more track-focused wheel alignment.
I'll see how it goes, fingers crossed! ?

In the meanwhile I will continue to use the car as my daily and as a trackday cars in between.
Thanks for watching!

P.S. Any advice for camber/caster/toe setup on the Cayman is more than welcomed!.

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Quite some time since I last wrote anything over here... And a lot of things happened since then.
I hope everyone is well!

Next week should have been the Porsche oversteer training... All flights to Germany are cancelled and the training is also cancelled. I think this is the first year in 11 years I haven't had a trackday since June... But I guess this is understandable. In Romania, the authorities took Corona very serious - some might say too serious (not me though) and I couldn't even drive the Porsche for 2 months - partially because of the ban to travel unless for a serious motive and partially because the Romanian version of MOT (a test for vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions carried out each 2 years) expired and that was not a good enough reason to go out and get it done.

In the meanwhile, the car had a proper wash to get rid of the winter salt and grime. I do this every year when switching to summer tires and I hope to keep the car rust free for a long long while. Those big calipers look very sexy :)

I like the BBS CH-R wheels, but I prefer the OEM Carrera Classic ones better.

The August Nurburging Porsche training is still on and I am very excited about it. I hope the world will be safe enough for them not to cancel.

All the best!
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