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My OFT Files for your use: Caution you should contact SHiv and have your own custom files made based on your stock ECU file!!!!!

For those who asked this is my current set up / mods:2008 Cayman S Design Edition
Number 361 of 777
3.4L Tiptronic with WEVO transmission mounts , IPD 82mm plenum shot peened interrior adds 6hp , GT3 throttlebody , EVOMS delta V intake & filter , desnorked intake , Fab Speed Max Flo cat back , Schnnel long tube catless headers , open flash tablet custom tune / Now EVOMS RS 370 , RSS under drive pulley system.
Cayman GTS Alcatra PDK wheel and Leather Airbag , Cayman GTS Alcatara sport seats with Red deviated stiching hard backs in silver ,Carbon Fiber Tech Art Style rear wing with aluminum uprights,Lloyd's Matts ,HIP design clear engine cover.GT3 brake coolers ,next??? I want a blower system!!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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