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you can find all about my shiny here:

its a PDK gen2 with a TPC turbo kit and intercooler

I recently added the meth kit from TPC (will share some pics soon)
and struggled with finding a power increase at first - long story short
Mike from TPC helped me and sent me a new binary for my car
and i was even able to flash it all myself.

I only took her for one test drive after flashing the ECU today and
my first impression is whooooow - very nice - no i mean very nice

I will have a p/box time also see what this means in real numbers but
I won't let numbers spoil me or take away the fun - the car is badass awesome and so much fun to drive

after a rocky start with TPC's communication and my turbo install
which some of you may recall probably I want to also add that since I have established a direct communication way with mike its been nothing but a pleasure - we only email but at times a dozen mails a day and he is always fast and answering and very helpful so I want to say :thanks: here as well

the file came right on time today as it is my birthday - so it was the perfect present :dance:

anyone with a gen2 car considering a TPC mod should not waste time about going to get one - it makes the car so much more:cheers:

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I drove a 10.0 seconds flat - next time i may crank up the meth a bit more since it was sitting on at 3,2 and i could notch it up to 4 max - see if there is any difference :)

here is what i found on facebook for comparison

100-200 kph (62-124 mph) times

2.0 – Renault R25 F1 car (800+ HP / 1,300 lb curb weight)
3.5 – Hayabusa Turbo (316 HP)
4.2 – Yamaha R14.3 – Suzuki GSXR-1000
4.5 – Kawasaki ZX-144.6 - Hayabusa (stock)
4.6 – Honda CBR 1000 RR
4.8 – Veyron
5.0 – Ducati 1098 S
5.3 – Koenigsegg CCX
5.6 – Suzuki GSXR 750
5.6 – Sportec SPR-1
5.7 – Koenigsegg CCR
5.8 – Mosler MT900 GTR
6.1 - Mclaren F1
6.2 - Pagani Zonda F
6.2 – Honda CBR 600 RR
6.4 - RUF RT-12
6.4 - Carrera GT
6.5 – Pagani Zonda R
6.5 – Kawasaki ZX6-R
6.7 - Enzo
6.8 - GTB 599
6.8 – CBR 1100XX
7.2 - SLR
7.8 - Murci LP640
7.9 - C6 Z06
8.0 - Ford GT
8.4 - 997TT
8.4 - F430
8.4 - 996 GT2
8.6 - M6
8.7 - SL65 AMG
8.8 - Gallardo Superleggera
8.8 - M5
8.9 - S65 AMG
9.0 - 996TT X50/Turbo 'S'
9.1 - Gallardo SE
9.7 - 996TT
10.0 - E55 AMG
10.2 - 996 GT3
10.2- Viper SRT-10
10.5 - E63 AMG
10.8 - 993TT
11.2 - AM Vanquish S
11.2 - Audi RS-4 (2007)
11.3 - Audi RS-6
11.6 - SLK-55 “Black” series
11.8 - Bentley Continental GT
12.0 - AM Vantage (2007)
12.4 - E46 M3
13.8 - Jeep SRT-8
14.7 - Cayenne TT (450 HP)
14.9 - EVO IV
16.4 - Supra TT (1995)
16.6 - WRX STi
17.1 - 350Z Coupe (‘06)

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Just the kind of company a Cayman deserves.

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Very nice. I'm glad you are finally getting the results you wanted

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So like Ken I swapped my #10 meth noozle with a #5 one and upped the meth controller to 6 and this gave yet another well noticeable improvement - the car just pulls snd pulls!

But mike wouldnt be mike if he didnt kept pushing :)
He owns a spyder so the perfect test object for the gen2 modifications

He did another tune now bringing the car to a whooping 450hp and 371 ft/lbs torque at the wheels! Remember in low boost at 5psi and no boost controller or anything.

He showed me a dyno chart with three runs layered over another
Gen2 stock, 997 GTS 3.8 and the gen2 turbo meth - the difference is enormous.
I am not sure if i am supposed to post this dyno graph here do i will let harris chime in if he wants to.

Mike is now working on perfecting the setup and will now try a #6 noozle as with a #5 one he kept getting more power up until the top of the meth controller - so he'll now check a #6 jet and wirk the settings vack up and through to locate the optimum ... I am more than excited to have this running in my car soon myself.

Mike is an enthusiast at heart working here and its really been an inspiring
Experience getting mails from him whilst his step by step results and findings in the process - way to go mike - i am honestly thrilled and thought I'd share it on here :)

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I had the meth kit installed on my TPC Stage 2 turbo 987.1 Boxster S around a month ago, and so far I've done one track day at Homestead in the Florida summer heat and a fair amount of street driving. The meth kit is a great addition to the turbo kit. My car pulls better, particularly at the higher RPMs, and I think the engine stayed cooler on the track from the meth spray. I can keep up with Z06s and 997TTs in the straights, and the car is running great. I highly recommend it. In fact, I think TPC should create a turbo/meth kit package since they complement each other.
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