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Sorry guys I got the wrong title on this post and tried to delete it but couldn't. Of course I am looking for a 981

HELP, I need a 981 Cayman to do a final fitment of our new GT3 based splitter. This splitter is manufactured for us in Germany and we have developed a locally produced mounting plate to make this a great fit for the 981. Many of you have been following our development of this great GT3 based splitter. Today we finally scheduled that fitment on Vic's beautiful 981 Boxster.

WHOOPS all of our original development work was on a 981 Cayman S and the Boxster front end has a much different contour. As a result we need a 981 Cayman to trial our fitment. If anyone has a 981 Cayman in South Florida I would like to schedule a fitment of this amazing new product as soon as possible. The product is ready to go but before promoting it we need to do one last fitment. The deal is we will install for $200 (less than half price and FREE install) and if you don't like it will remove it at no cost, a few free beers and with absolutely no damage to your vehicle. PLEASE HELP. I WANT TO DO THIS IN THE NEXT WEEK IF POSSIBLE. CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL ME WITH YOUR AVAILABILITY. Thanks

Jon May
Composite Concepts
[email protected]
954 931 0319
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