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Hi All:

In the past we've allowed the convertible Boxster on track at our events with no additional roll over protection becuase of the statement in the owner's manual about the windshield frame and rear roll hoops supporting the weight of the car in a roll over. For our October 2010 Road America event, they'd like to see the statement in the manual. Could someone PLEASE fax me that statement from their manual. Let me know out here so I don't have 20 faxes coming in.

You can fax it to my attention. Thanks in advance!

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You may wish to contact the PCA Chicago Region's DE Chair since I'll bet they've dealt with the same issue with RA. Let me know if you need contact info.

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This is from the '09 brochure

Roll-over protection.
The front area of the cockpit is
protected by a robust steel
element integrated invisibly into
the windscreen frame. The rear
roll-over bars are made from
high-strength steel and are located
behind the seats. Their flattened
form ensures high safety, and
harmoniously follows the lines of
the seat backrests. The upper
seat-belt anchorage points are
attached to the bars for greater
accessibility and comfort.

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