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Hi Everybody,

As the title states, I need some advice and a little direction on my backdated 911 ST.

My 911 has been built over the past 4 or so years and is 99% finished, she just needs the final touches and a little fettling here and there.

Mechanically, she is 100% built and a SOLID drivers car. By finishing touches, I mean she needs a proper suspension set up and a good compound polish.

As you can see by the pictures, she looks fantastic! The paint is super shiny, about 3 years old, in really good condition but does have a few chips and defects - nothing that couldn't be brought back to concourse if desired, but for me, my vision for her was a solid drivers car - not a garage queen anyway.

Trust me when I say I do NOT want to part with her, and I wouldn't unless it was absolutely necessary... of which it is. My wife and I have been trying to start a family for years now, and unfortunately can't be done the normal way, so will be needing more fertility treatments / procedures to make it happen. SO... our 911 will be up for sale.

But the advice I need is in the pricing. I have been doing my homework on these backdated 911's and I know for some its a love it or hate it situation, and prices can of course vary wildly depending on the build quality & spec etc etc. but I also know some are wildly over priced. I am obviously wanting a quick sale but need as much as possible to go towards the fertility treatments.

Here's the build spec:
1985 911 160K but engine rebuilt about 6 years ago (last owner)
TRE ST 9" fiberglass front and rear fenders and arch extensions.
TRE fiberglass front & rear bumpers & hood
Minilite wheels imported from the UK
Brand new clutch, pressure plate and flywheel
Brand new Bilstein shocks all round
Elephant racing spring plates & shock mounts
Tarret engineering anti roll bars
Brand new wheel bearings all round
Brand new brakes all round
930 bump steer
Brand new paint
Custom body work to blend in the rear lights and the front brake ducts into the body.
Lightweight interior ST trim & carpet set
Momo steering wheel
Houndstooth racing seats
Leather trimmed dash and door cards with white stitching to match the steering wheel and seats
All new weather stripping.

So fairly extensive and not exactly done on the cheap!
Just not 100% on where to price this.
If you made it this far I appreciate your time... and attention span, lol.

- Dan

IMG_3258.jpg IMG_3263.jpg IMG_3256.jpg IMG_3418_Facetune_29-08-2019-12-56-13 (1).jpg IMG_3262.jpg IMG_3272.jpg
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