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My DE instructor suggested that I should look into installing a Under Drive Pulley to avoid power steering failure on track. I have a leased cayman and all the mods so far are reversable if I decide not to keep the car.

Here are my questions:

The Under Drive Pulley involves cutting/filing the removal bolt sleeve. Obviously this is not reversable.

1). Can the OEM pully be reinstalled if this cutting has taken place to in order to install the BBI or Matis pulley?
2). Will Porsche notice the non OEM pulley if I don't reverse it before turn in (If decide to turn it in)?

What do you guys think?

Thanks :thanks:
My mods so far:
EVOMS Intake
Sprint Booster
REMUS Exhaust
Softronic Race Plenum
Softronic Flash
HIP Clear Cover
HIP Protective cover
Painted Intake Manifolds
Clear Bra
Custom Painted 18" wheels
FVD Spacers (14mm and 7mm)
Porsche Short Shifter
EVO Aluminum Pedals
Window drop on Hatch open, DRL and auto lock on drive off
Blue Tooth with Parrot MKi9200
Tinted tail lights

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you did all of that to a leased car ?!?
:hilarious: That was my question. Are you seriously going to undo all those other mods when you turn in the car?! If not, the dealership will probably be so focused on all the mods under the clear engine cover, they won't even care about the front of the motor.

(BTW, I'm pretty sure you would be able reinstall the OEM pulley)

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It looks like everything but the pulley can be removed without a trace. Mostly. LOL. I think that is the point of the question. Plus he said "If I decide not to keep the car."

I can relate. I cut a big hole in my front bumper, and my car is leased. I intended to buy out the car when I got in in September of 2007 and the world was a different place.

The dealership didn't argue with me when I bought a warranty from them that extended beyond the period of the lease, so I find the incredulousness on the part of any dealership representative a bit hollow.

I have a BBI pulley I have yet to install for this very reason. As of right now, I may return the car in favor of a Gen II car. Again, a look of shock on the face of anyone affiliated with Porsche needs to be considered along with the fact that Porsche sold me a car with an engine that turned out to be a bit lacking in the "keeping the parts oiled" department. And to this day they will go off into a discussion about how great my car is for the track. "An out of the box race car that needs no modification...Porsche spends millions of dollars perfecting the car...blah, blah, blah."

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As a long long time power steering problem child, don't bother with the pulley it's not the problem or solution. You can check my posts on this subject.

If you are going to do some autocrossing and DE's just check your power steering fluid level before each event. You probably see it needs a splash of fluid.

If you want to go the extra mile of added safety, change the fluid to Redline Synthetic Power Steering Fluid. It has a higher heat content, is more plastic friendly and costs about 1/2 the factory stuff. You can get it many places. I paid $8.95/quart at morethantires on eBay.
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