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Looks like the new allwheel drive (yes I know it is based on the Golf chassis) TTS is pretty competitive in the numbers, has a first class interior, a high tech tach area (virtual cockpit), optional airscarf, the roof looks the same as for the Boxster:

2.0 4 cyl TFSI giving 310 PS/228kW, 0 to 62: 4.9s, 6.9l/100km and price closer to a Base Boxster than the S.
The TTRS will have a turbo 5 cyl and will make something over 370PS. Now the question is: Are the GT/Spyder buyer going to be screwed? :taunt:

It looks good, but a bit Audi-boring. You definitively need this in a loud color. The reviewer liked it but commented on two things:

1. The coupe seems to feel artificial at the limit (they did not yet push the convertible)
2. It lacks some of the experience of a good roadster. He compared it favorable against the SLK and Z4, but did not mention the Boxster/Cayman directly at all...

(And sorry, it is in German again ;) ).

PS: I like the high tech tach at first sight (need to see the details though). But from a driving experience the 981 is still better I predict. Let's see once the comparisons come out.

Also an Autocar India review in English:

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