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New Cayman S (finally) and couple of questions

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So, finally found the used Cayman S I wanted. 2006 Atlas Grey, PASM and Sport Chrono, and only 7,000 miles. I can't believe that some people can buy these cars and don't drive them. The car is fantastic and looks brand new. Thanks to everyone on the board, as reading the posts here for a couple of months really made the whole process easier.

Couple of questions. First, aftermarket warranty. I am strongly considering getting an aftermarket warranty from the same dealership that did the PPI. They said I can get a warranty from Fidelity (which gets very good reviews) for $2,400 for 6 years or 60k miles for powertrain, or for $3,800 I can get 5 years and 60k bumber to bumper. I was originally going to do the powertrain only, but it would seem that for $1,400 more having the bumper to bumper is a no brainer. Any thoughts, or is there anything I am missing?

Second, love the car, but need to liven up the interior a bit.
Anyone know who in L.A. can do aftermarket interior work on the Cayman, such as adding leather, contrast stiching, etc. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Congrats on the car.

As far as the warranty is concerned, my car is an 08 with 24k miles. Perfect condition. Then the heater core started leaking. It is considered "faulty". It isn't part of the power train.

If the car was not under warranty, the repairs would have cost at least $3000.

There are quite a few $2000 repairs that could spring up out of the blue.

You can always stick the $3800 in an account, or put a $100 a month in a "repair" account that will cover ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. The ultimate, no fine print warranty.

Or you can buy the warranty as an insurance policy.

As far as pimping your ride is concerned, I would not get too crazy.
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Thanks. that was pretty much what I was thinking. I am a big believer that insurance is for things you cannot afford (that is why I always take the highest possible deductible), but it just seems that for $1400 bucks you get a lot of peace of mind. So, thanks for confirming my thinking.

As far as "pimping the ride" I am really just talking about adding some black, alcantara or carbon. The interior is stone grey, and being all one color is kind of bland.
There are many thread regarding warranties; suggest you search and do your homework. There's alot of bad out there.
IMO Porsche CPO is the best and costs what you mentioned plus it's directly through Porsche.
Skip the additonal warranty, it is a silly bet that nothing happens during the factory warranty period but exactly during the limited extended period. Very limited.

Atlas grey is ze best color period, rare and expensive. I assume your interior is black if you are looking to break it up a bit. Do you look for color or different materila such as Alcantara? You can alwyas find many pieces in the classified section, on ebay and other larger sites such as 6speed. In addition very popular is painting interior pieces, such as the center console or the door finishers by Eric from bumper plug.
Thanks for the replies.

To Schwabe: the interior is stone grey, which is a little bland. I was thinking mostly of adding some black or alcantara, maybe as middle of the seat inserts, shift knob and surround, wheels, etc. Would really like to find someone local who knows what they are doing, and with whom others have worked some I am not the test case.
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