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Competition Motorsport is excited to announce our newest development for the Cayman GT4: CMS Performance adjustable sway bars. After over a year of development and testing -- on both the street and the race track -- we can say these are the single best modification you can make to your GT4, period. They are a must-have for track-day enthusiasts and spirited drivers.

The GT4 inherently understeers and is a bit sloppy in quick transitions. CMS Performance sway bars allow you to dial in precisely the handling you want for a given track or road, and dial out any slop in transitional response. Diameters of 31.8mm front and 25.4mm rear are 30% larger than the OEM sway bars, giving you a stiffer platform to work with. At the same time, each bar is fully adjustable from 1% softer than stock (!) to 50% stiffer than stock. The result is a huge range of handling tune-ability without making the car's overall ride and handling harsh or nervous.

Engineered and manufactured in the USA from ultra-high end domestic spring steel with drop-forged bar ends for high strength and performance. Powder coated in one of four stock colors (Basalt Black, Guards Red, Racing Yellow, or GT Silver), with powder-to-sample available (choose from thousands of custom colors).

Included in the kit are OEM Porsche GT4 sway bar bushings precision-machined to our specifications for a perfect fit, OEM quality and durability, and a quiet, squeak-free installation. They are designed -- and track-tested -- to use your OEM drop links. No need to buy noisy aftermarket links!

PM us, give us a call at 844-438-7244, or check them out at

(Photos below are of the CMS sway bars in Guards Red. We'll post other photos showing other colors soon!)


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