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New Jaguar 2011 XJL vs. Panamera

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Saw the new Jag at the dealership today parked next to a Panamera. That Jag is a BIG car and the average sticker should be about $15K less than a 4s.

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I drove one and it is more subdued than either the XK or XF, and I just drove the extended length XJ-L which you can play tennis inside of in the back seat. Yeah for $80K it blows away any other car on the market in terms of interior style, materials, comfort, etc. As far as driving it, if I wanted an ultra smooth sedan with tons of creature comforts this would undoubtedly be it. Acceleration was good, handling was fine for a car of its size (I wasn't expecting sports car on rails), and I was very impressed with the brakes, surprisingly good, perhaps better than the Panamera's even or at least on par.

I'm waiting to drive the XFR and XKR next to compare.

Did you see that for 2011 models Jaguar is upping their warrant to 5 years 50,000 miles PLUS THEY COVER ALL WEAR AND TEAR ITEMS! Chew up your brake pads? No problem, here's a new set. Rotors shot? How about 4 new ones at no charge? Wiper blades? Wouldn't think of you spending a dime on them, new ones are free. I'm having a hard time trying to think of why NOT to buy a Jaguar. Have you seen the new red interior for the XFR only? I was thinking white (porcelain) exterior with red interior would be HOT! :)

I took a bunch of pics, they are on my iphone, I'll have to dump them of and add them.
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