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New Jaguar 2011 XJL vs. Panamera

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Saw the new Jag at the dealership today parked next to a Panamera. That Jag is a BIG car and the average sticker should be about $15K less than a 4s.

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I was able to sit in one of these at the dealership for an extended period earlier this week. The interior of the Jag just blows me away, especially for the $80K price range. I thought the Panamera was very nice until I saw this. It was exceptional.

It's loaded with leather, wood and high quality switchgear. The main instrument gauge pod (tach, speedo, etc) is a 12 inch wide LCD panel. No analog gauges!

I look forward to seeing more driving reviews of the XJ and I hope this car helps boost the marque here in the U.S.
Looks like Jag is doing what Audi was doing back in 1998 when I got my first A4. Very reasonable pricing for what you get and all inclusive maintenance.

Audi was doing this to rebuild market share. Now 12 years later, I see them everywhere!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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