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Hi guys,

Long time listener, first time caller. Wasn’t able to find a ‘new members’ thread so I apologize if I missed it. I purchased a 2010 Cayman w/ 44k miles last month and have been loving it so far. I’ve put about 2-3k miles on it and it’s been great. This Sunday I was driving from Baltimore to DC and I noticed the CEL came on. It was solid at the time so I continued driving as I was near enough to my destination. On the return trip home, I noticed the CEL came back on but this time it began flashing, displayed a message on the dash that read “Reduced Engine Power,” and my seat (presumably the engine) and accelerator pedal began vibrating/shaking considerably. I tried to give it a bit more gas to try to narrow down the issue and the shaking worsened and the car was hesitating and not accelerating. I pulled over and used my Automatic app ( to look over the engine code that was being thrown. I received two codes; P0354 (Ignition Coil “D” Primary Control Circuit/Open) and P0304 (Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected). It looked to me like this was a clear issue with cylinder 4 so I gently coasted the car back home, stopping and restarting the car when the CEL began blinking (did this about 6 times). I made it home ok, parked it and made a service appointment at my local Porsche dealer (Len Stoler Porsche). I had the car towed the following day to the dealer (which was a huge hassle but that’s another story) and gave them all the details that I provided above. The car stayed with them for two days and the service department kept telling me that they couldn’t reproduce the problem and that the issue was likely due to the 40k mile service. I faxed over the service records that I obtained from the selling dealer where the 40k mile service had been listed as completed (and if it hadn’t, based on their findings, that I’d appreciate they let me know so I could escalate the matter appropriately). I felt like they began tip-toeing at this point and I wasn’t given a straight answer for my question: has the 40k mile service been completed? Do the spark plugs, filters, oil, etc. indicate this? Today the car was delivered to me and the CEL is still on despite them telling me that they had turned it off. I’m a little unsure what to do at this point. They want me to come back to them if the issue returns but I’m concerned because I work in Arlington, about 60 miles from home, and if the car starts to act up on me again during my commute I’m going to be in trouble and without a car for a few days (again). Also, from what I was able to gather online, it seems like driving on a bad ignition coil (if we believe what Automatic is reporting) may cause damage to the catalytic converter and I’m sure that wouldn’t be covered by the CPO warranty if the coil is in fact bad and they’re able to fix it. Any suggestions on what I should do? When does PCNA come in to the mix? Does anyone have experience escalating warranty concerns to them? Sorry for all the noob questions but you guys seem to be super helpful so I’m turning to you for advice on next steps.

PS. One of the service advisers that I spoke with over the phone at another dealer suggested that the misfire may be due to the fuel that I'm using. I always fill up 93 but the last two fill-ups were at a local Safeway (grocery store) gas station. I've never had a problem with this fuel before in my G37 but it may be possible. It's not a habit though; I try to fill up at Shell or Sunoco whenever possible.

PPS. I searched the site extensively for “Reduced Engine Power” as well as the engine codes but didn’t find any relevant answers, so I apologize again if this has been covered elsewhere. :)

Thanks again
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