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I just wanted to introduce myself, just joined the forum a couple days ago. I bought a 2008 Boxster RS 60 Spyder a couple years ago, and have loved it! I live in East TN so the roads here are just amazing with this car. It's been mostly a trouble free experience, but a few issues have popped up lately and I came across this amazing forum. I just wish I would've found it sooner! So much great info on here.

I did have a question that I've been unable to answer by browsing through the FAQ's and posting rules. My car has an AOS problem, and last fall I ordered replacement AOS but decided to go with the Motorsports AOS (I occasionally do Autocross). I just got busy and never got around to putting it in, and then finally tackled it a few days ago. Unfortunately I've now realized since being on the forum that I accidentally bought the 986 Motorsports AOS, instead of the 987 Motorsports AOS. I realize that it can still work, but I'm not thrilled about the mods needed to make it fit.

I'd like to try and sell it to someone with a 986 (it's been several months since I ordered it from Pelican Parts, and I doubt they'd take it back), but when I look at the classifieds section, I'm informed that I "don't have sufficient privileges to post here". What do I need to do in order to post in the classifieds section? Thanks in advance!

Here's a picture of the car, in it's current state!

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Welcome. There are a number of minimum posts required in order to post to classifieds. Find a few other threads to engage on and you’ll be there before you know it.

Shawn in VA (USA)
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BTW - Your car looks GREAT! And welcome to Planet-9, the Friendly Porsche Forum!
Welcome, great looking Boxster. Not sure about the symptoms of the AOS, but the 986 and the 987.1 may be the same. Call Pelican Parts customer service dept and explain your problem. If you have your receipt that would be even better.
My belated welcome and a nice car!!
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