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Well, at 32K miles, including some 2 dozen track days, I finally decided to change my rotors. I have had a replacement set sitting in my garage for several months, but I kept feeling I could squeeze one more month out of them.

After my track day last week-end, I finally decided it was time - the fronts were showing a lot of cracks in the vent holes, and while none were "connecting the dots", or extending to the edges, the rotor thickness was also down to the minimum.

Changing the rotors turned out to be very easy, and didn't take much time at all - kudos to Porsche for making it so easy to work on their brakes. The only glitch was that the new caliper bolts (which you are supposed to replace when you change rotors) required a T-55 Star (torx) socket key - which I didn't have - while the bolts that originally came on the car took a standard 10mm hex key.

So, after a quick run to Autozone to buy the necessary socket, I was good to go - and now, so is my car.

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