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Looking for a tuner/mods in Dallas 06 911S. Any help would be appreciated. No warranty, so open to ideas. Want it to run better 1/4 times.


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Congrats on your purchase.. Here's a few answers to your questions..

The picture of the shock absorber means that you have the PASM option.. came standard on the 911S.. From the owners manual:

Porsche Active Suspension
Management (PASM) Function

PASM makes two running-gear setups available to
the driver: “Normal” and “Sport”. The selection is
made via a button on the center console.
In Normal mode the running gear is in a sporty and
comfortable setup. Sport mode offers a markedly
sporty shock absorber tuning (e.g. for driving on
the race circuit).
The variable suspension system selects the appropriate
damping level for each wheel according to
the situation and conditions of driving.
Example: If the vehicle is driven in a markedly
sporty manner in Normal mode, PASM automatically
adapts the shock-absorber behavior to the
driving situation in this case as well.

The SPORT button is the sport chrono option.. again from the owners manual:

A sportier car set-up is obtained when Sport mode
is switched on. Interventions by the Porsche
control systems are intentionally shifted towards
greater agility and driving performance.
– PASM (Porsche Active Suspension
Management) is automatically changed
to Sport mode, resulting in a stiffer suspension
– The Tiptronic S switches to a sporty gearchanging
map and shortens the gear shifting
periods. Gear changes take place faster.
– PSM (Porsche Stability Management) control is
sporty. PSM interventions take place later than
in Normal mode. The driver can maneuver the
vehicle with greater agility at its performance
limits, without having to dispense with the
assistance of PSM in emergency situations.
This helps to achieve optimal lap times,
particularly on race circuits with a dry road
– The electronic accelerator pedal reacts
sooner, and the engine is more responsive to
throttle inputs. When Sport mode is switched
on, this function is activated only after the
driver has briefly released the accelerator
– The rpm limiter characteristic is “harder”, i.e.
the engine is immediately throttled when the
performance limits are reached (only in manual
selection mode for vehicles with Tiptronic S).

The PSM OFF button is Porsche Stability Management.. once again from the manual:

Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

General information regarding PSM
PSM is an active control system for stabilization
of the vehicle during extreme driving manoeuvres.
The most recent version of PSM (only on vehicles
with four-wheel drive) improves the brake system

I've attached the owners manual for your reference.. this will give you a few hours worth of reading.. I know your car is an 06 and this is an 07 but it should be virtually identical to the 06 owners manaul..

Also, you might check out rennlist for another good forum to check out..


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Is there a way to make the factory radio bluetooth? Like a program update? Also, several buttons on the radio and on the little flip up arm rest in the center console, next to the emergency brake has the rubber coating peeling off. Ideas on fixing them?


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I like this search page, but I am unable to view any pictures to ensure it is the correct part. I will try to call Porsche directly. Thank you for the link though. I am sure I will use it frequently for years to come.
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