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i want to go down to 18".
main reasons are better performance and feel (supposedly) and more tire choice for auto-x and track days.
today i'm with 19" Michelin PSS - those are nice for daily and wet - but not good enough for auto-x.

so, locally i've found 2 wheels that can be imported by the dealers - OZ Alleggerita and Work Brombacher.
Work looks better, but 50% more expensive and probably a nightmare to keep clean.
OZ cheaper and probably lighter but i'm not a huge fan of their looks.
i do like Ultralaggera - but those don't come in 18"....

so why i can't decide?
Work can be customized exactly how i want them - say 9" or 9.5" front (245 or 255 tire) and 10.5" or 11 rear (275 or 285 tire).
They look good.
The price difference locally of 50% is actually much less than 100% difference in USA - so this actually might be a pretty good deal.

any other thoughts that can help me decide? :helpme:

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One other thing to consider, especially for auto-x and TE - OZ is very reputable company with top-quality product. The other might look better, but you can trust OZ wheel to be light and at the same time not to disintegrate in a high speed corner. They supply wheels to F1 and multiple other racing series...

I use OZ for long time and currently have Ultralegerra on my Subie and love them. Yes, I agree Allegeritta is a little less good looking. I'm pretty sure Ultra come in 18"s... not sure about offsets Oz Racing - OZ Racing - SPORT - ULTRALEGGERA
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