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ONE WEEK REMAINING! We have already notified the first round listees and orders have begun shipping, so if you are not yet on the list (no obligation), just email me full names and you will be added!

Details posted earlier:

As primary distributors for these two phenomenal products for Porsche, we are proud to announce a special Group Buy for November, and an opportunity for us to say ‘thanks’ to all of you for your past, present and continued support, by offering these top-flight products for your Porsche at discounted pricing.

Here’s the deal:

If you are interested in the Dension products (details on our Order page) for iPod and Bluetooth integration for your Porsche, or the B&M Short Shift Kit for your Porsche, simply email us and let us know the products you want and what year/model you have, and whether or not you have PCM.

[email protected] (mention November Group Buy)

We will collect all names and email contacts until November 23, the date at which the Group Buy ends. If you can hold out for the three weeks, we promise it will be worth the wait. At the end of the period, based on the number of interested people, we will email everyone ‘the deal’ for the products they are wanting, and will send out email to everyone whose name is on the list as of the closing date. There is NO obligation or commitment required in advance, but if you are not on the list, you will not receive the group buy pricing.

Inventory will be in stock and will begin shipping no later than November 30th.

For those with questions, feel free to email me.

The Dension Gateway 500 is the fiber optic integration base unit for iPod integration in your Porsche. It is applicable to all ’03 – ’08 models, ALL head units including PCM and CDR head units, and is a tremendous high quality digital direct-to-the-loop feature-rich addition to your Porsche. For those with PCM, you can add the BTA1500 for Bluetooth integration (sorry, PCM required for Bluetooth at this time). But iPod integration (Gateway 500) works on ALL CDR and PCM head units!

The B&M Short Shift Kit is a class leader and long time, history-proven accessory that will enhance your manual shift driving experience. The typical throw on the Porsche is about 5” from first to second. The B&M will take that down to about 3”. It’s a direct bolt-in replacement for your factory shifter. One big difference is you will eliminate the plastic housing and bushings from Porsche, and install the B&M machined bushings for a long-life, high quality shift experience. You reuse your standard boot and shift knob. Ask around, you’ll find plenty of folks have installed this, and it’s the best bang for the buck for improved driving experience.

Again, no obligation in advance. Just email us your interest, mention the November Group Buy, the products you want and your name, and we’ll notify you after the 23rd for the purchase. If you are interested at that time, buy the items for the discounted group buy price, and we’ll begin shipping right away.

Prior sales not applicable.

Thanks again!
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