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Greetings, all! We are a new supporting vendor for this forum and are humbled to be here. Although we are a new vendor here, we are a seat belt manufacturer and this is not a new product line for us. I've been engineering (mechanical engineer) seat belts for 22 years now and we have done 1,000's of webbing replacement projects over the years. We are NOT an upholstery shop...we manufacture 1000's of seat belts each month and replace seat belt webbing on the same assembly line as the new seat belts are manufactured.

We are running a special price of $110 per seat belt in any color plus freight for the next 30 days. Usually 2 seat belts (that's what most people do) ends up being around $300 or less and our turn-around time is around 1-3 days.

We are here to SERVE you whether you buy seat belts from us or not. Seat belt slow to retract, fraying, buckle malfunction, etc...maybe we can help you without you spending a dime. We have done many Porsche seat belts (911s, 964s, 993s, Cayman's) and those customers have been so much fun to work with we finally decided to join this forum.

Let us know how we can help personalize your car one step further.

We added some recent work we have done! Enjoy! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Sports car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Car seat cover
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Car seat cover Car seat
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Porsche 912 Regularity rally
Yellow Personal protective equipment Vehicle Radio-controlled toy Leash
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