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Cosmoline is found on a lot of European cars like the MINI or BMW? Here is the hands down easiest way to remove it is with Prima's latest product, CosmoNot. Shopping Cart - CosmoNot

Check out this M3 I worked on last night.

Simply using qtips dipped in CosmoNot, removal is effortless and fast

Even for huge hardened blobs like these

Tried CosmoNot on a few other places and it removed grease/dirt as well

Thanks to Prima's products like Cosmonot and Hydro, this engine bay looks spectacular and not distracting alongside the model!

While many people have found different ways of removing cosmoline, we need to remember the paint in the engine bay isn't clear coated and with too much rubbing or too strong a solvent, the protective paint comes off too!

I got plenty in stock and a bottle will last you a lifetime! Shopping Cart - CosmoNot

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