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One of my past clients called me up about some bumper damage he had. Originally he wanted to get it repainted, but then saw one of my writeups about how I fixed a black Corvette that ran into the garage wall, so he brought his G35 today to see what I could do with it.

Close up

My first assumption was that I would clay the bumper to see if I could get the transfer off, but even after 50 passes, I couldn't see any improvement nor any paint on the claybar.

So out came my new standby, PreWow test version OP.

With very little effort, the transfer came off

The actual damage is more clear now!

PW couldn't remove this, so it was time to polish

Prima Swirl with the 7424XP Polisher and an LC Orange pad pulled most of the abrasions.

But these were too deep to be polished with the 7424XP

Time to pull out the 2000 Unigrit paper..yeah it looks bad, I know!

Using a wool pad and rotary and Meguiar's M105 to remove the sanding marks.

The client was so pleased and thankful that I was able to fix it better than he expected. I told him that I was glad that he didn't try to fix it himself or take it to anyone else. His reply was that he trusted me and knew that I was the right person to fix it. The bumper looks almost perfect from here!

The owner commented on my FaceBook Fan Page
Thanks Richard - it was night and day with that ugly scuff! You are amazing and saved me the pain of having to get it re-painted, etc...

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