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See pics attached. I'm seeing some interesting tire wear on my Pirelli fronts. Most worrying are the little rectangular patches where it looks like the top surface is wearing away and revealing a secondary layer. Haven't seen a street or track tire do that before.
Back story: I've owned the Cayman for approx 4 months. Tires were practically new when I got the car. I've done a total of 7 20-minute track sessions--two at 8/10ths, and 5 at 4/10ths for lead-and-follow instruction. I have no doubt that the track time caused this odd tire wear; I've just not seen anything quite like it.

Overall, I'm not too impressed with these Pirellis. Pretty loud and harsh on the street, and not too sticky on the track. I will concede that the front alignment is not ideal for track work, which is one reason I didn't push the car too hard on track. The Cayman, however, pushed quite a bit...;)


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