Hello all,

My first marketplace posting, so I apologize if I missed anything. I'm looking to sell the OEM cup holder assembly from my 2010 Boxster. The assembly works fine (front door moves up and down properly and latches closed as well, cup holders swing in and out smoothly and latch in properly as well. The only thing "missing" is that the tensioner on the left cup holder is missing. You can get a replacement from Suncoast for $22 here Cup Holder Tensioner Repair Kit if you really want that, but the holder works fine without it.

Suncoast says this should fit Cayman - 2006-2012, Carrera (all versions) - 2005-2012, Boxster - 2005-2012, so it works for more than the Boxster...

I have a bunch of pictures attached, but I'm happy to provide more if needed. Cup holder assembly comes with the two screws used to mount it (easy DIY). The cover/fascia from your car for the flap is NOT included (new ones don't come with this, either, as you typically use your old one).

MSRP seems to be about $350, but I'm looking to sell for $200 including FREE ground shipping in the contiguous USA.