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Ohlins R/T Coilovers

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The Öhlins Road & Track suspension gives our customers the ability to track their cars without losing comfort when commuting to work. The unique Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology allows you to quickly change the stiffness of the shock absorber. When arriving to the racetrack or favorite twisty road, just turn the golden knob clockwise on the damper to set it in race mode. This adjustment changes all four areas in the damper; low and high speed compression and rebound damping.

We offer a few versions depending on your needs.

OTS is exactly what it sounds like; straight from Öhlins with their valving and spring rates. Standard spring rates are 400/458lb and these work really well for a mostly street application.

Track Packages consist of our proprietary custom valving and dyno'd shocks. For certain applications we change to Eibach ERS springs with higher rates along with internal modifications in order to optimize the setup for the track. These are still streetable but biased to get the most out of a track environment. Due to the single adjuster on R/T shocks you end up adjusting both compression and rebound at the same time, which keeps things simple and user friendly. However, this is where our custom valving really shines, we are able to tailor the base compression and rebound curves to get them into the desired range, which gives you great compliance on rough surfaces and surprisingly good ride quality for a performance suspension package. The adjuster knob still works like before; clockwise for the track and counter-clockwise for the street or rough surface tracks. Shoot me a message to determine what springs rates makes sense for your application.

GT3 LCAs and Tarret Cup Series LCAs will get you the precision control and alignment ability you need for a dual purpose Cayman >:D.

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Good stuff, thanks for posting your observations and experience!
We're happy to help you out. Going from 200TW to 40TW tires will certainly change the dynamics of the car. What spring rates are you thinking? I'll PM you as well.

My Cayman has our Ohlins Track Package with full SPL LCAs, TREs, Toes arms, drop links, Tarett sways and upper mounts. I don't have a single bushing in my car and the NVH is fine IMO. The quality of SPL parts is top notch and the adjustability is fantastic. With the LCAs you have total camber, castor, roll center and anti-dive/squat adjustment. The TREs and toe arms get you full bump steer adjustment as well as toe. For anyone serious about handling performance it's our go to product.

I could not help but notice the OP links to ArcFlash which showed SPL products. I will be doing Ohlins for certain but am undecided on Control arms, links etc for our 987.1. Any thoughts/opinions on SPL suspension products?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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