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As part of the Porsche Sportscar Together 2019, an event was held at the Sepang F1 Circuit on 3rd August was hosted by the local Porsche distributor (Some Darby Auto Performance - SDAP) and involved several major clubs including PCBMY - the local Cayman/Boxster group and of course the official Porsche Malaysia Club.

Cars came from all corners of the country with convoys coming in from north and south of the country.
We were joined by some friends from neighbouring Singapore as well.

Lineup was made up of 911's, Cayman/Boxsters, Panameras, Macans and Cayennes with newer and classic cars too.

Approx. 80 of the cars were from our local Cayman/Boxster enthusiast group #PCBMY consisting of 987, 981, 718.
Result was 320 cars in total - which set a new record of gathering of Porsches in Malaysia! Congratulations guys!

After the parade a few of us paid to keep the track open and went a little above 10mph :)

pcbmy 4.jpg pcbmy 3.jpg pcbmy 1.jpg PCBMY2.jpg Porsches Everywhere.jpg

Walkaround video from one of our club members

btw if anyone is not yet part of #PCBMY but would like to join please PM me for details :)
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