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Yes, we are only a little over a month away from the Los Angeles Auto Show where Porsche has traditionally introduced new models of the Cayman and Boxster. Will we see something new this year as well? According to the LA Auto Show website there are supposed to be world premiers from Porsche at the show but many believe the announcement will be about the 991 GTS or a Macan Diesel or simply something other than a Cayman/Boxster related announcement. Those who are waiting for a Cayman GT4 are probably going to have to continue waiting, although there is some possibility that new 4 cylinder Cayman/Boxster variants could be introduced. We will all know in about a month! I also wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to group buys, some of which expire very soon. Currently there are group buys or special sales from Softronic, Mantis Sport Racing and recently Lid Line / Das Schild ran a group buy that members may be able to still get in on. As always, keep an eye on the News section on the home page or special announcements in the forum.

Updates with regard to the site include a newly updated Classifieds section from Panjo. In fact, we are the FIRST site to be using this newly revamped Classifieds section. Please let us and Panjo know what you think here: We have also been making a few other tweaks and have recently upgraded Tapatalk and other site components. Performance continues to be good and membership continues to increase. We have noticed that some members with addresses are having a problem receiving email from the site. We do not know why, but if you are a Comcast user and having this problem please contact Comcast and complain because we can assure you that the problem is not on this end. Speaking of problems, on a personal note I did have a catastrophic hard drive failure that I am slowly recovering from. It was so sudden and so bad that even one of those clean room places could not recover the data from the drive. You'd think I worked for the IRS or something. Speaking of work, job hunt is still on-going (market is tough out there!) so once again I would appreciate any leads you might have on positions/companies for me to follow-up with.

Well that's probably enough rambling for the moment, but I wanted to try to update our members on what's going on, what I've been doing, etc. I look forward to any replies and remember Keep Calm and read New Posts! :)

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The 991 GTS was announced today. It's physical debut will still be LA.

430HP (x51), cosmetic bits, CL wheels, etc. Normal models, wider rear.

2015 ?Porsche 911 Carrera GTS: This Is Them (There Are Many)

Does this portend the end of MT?

"The increased performance is transferred to the road through either the slick-shifting PDK transmission or seven-speed manual gearbox, the latter confirming that this is one of the last great 911s for driving purists"

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