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Greetings! I'll soon be joining the waiters' group - trading the 2013 BS CPO we purchased in April for a BGTS build in April with a May/June Euro delivery. The deposit is in and the paperwork is in progress.

We've had a blast with the BS and are getting more active with the Pac NW PCA regional club, then I got the bug for more "something" and started looking at and driving 2013/2014 991 C2S and C4S cabrios. I know they are great cars, etc. etc. etc. but I found the experience lacking so back to a Boxster for a bit more "something" plus some options the CPO BS didn't have. We did a 2010 Euro delivery of a 2011 BMW 550i and decided we wanted to experience the joy of driving our own car in Europe once again - but this time with a car that is more driving experience oriented.

I've included the lengthy build list below along with comments/rationale for our choices. We live in the Seattle area but purchased the BS in Rancho Mirage while dog-sitting for our kids. It was kind of accidental but resulted in a wonderful 1800 mile road trip home and infection by the Porsche bug.

For the BGTS we only shopped three dealers (two in WA state, and Desert European in Rancho Mirage). I don't know if it's allowed so edit if you must - but I must compliment Scott Py, our CA in California, for making the move to a GTS possible (the numbers are never good after owning for 6 months and trading after the new model year is released). Some discount, Euro delivery, decent trade (considering the Mannheim values on 2013 BS just dropped a bunch). I could have probably worked with one of the WA dealers to match or get close to the CA deal, but Scott did a great job in April and again when we got serious on the GTS (and also when I "got serious" about the C2S and C4s cabrios). The other more local dealer wasn't going to budge on price, couldn't nail down info on the requested delivery date, low-balled me on my trade when I was considering a C4S, and generally didn't seem interested in the whole EU delivery process. Oh well - another CA to WA road trip in the late summer (and back to Rennsport in October!).

Our BS leaves here to go back "home" in about a week, after which I'll probably take Wild Weasel's place with endless GTS-related questions (starting with a post for information - not opinions - about owning a car with an Alcantara interior in case we want to change prior to lock in. And since Mike R. lives close by he can count on a stream of EU delivery questions.

So here's the list. Since this is the "into retirement + longer road trip car" you'll note quite a bit of decorative fru-fru. Blame me - I like painted trim. If I could get deviated stitching on a GTS when ordering a leather interior I would have added those bits but apparently on the non-GTS interiors you can't order deviated stitching. Oh well - I was running out of budget anyway.

  • Boxster GTS
  • GT Silver Metallic – classic color; my wife and I couldn’t agree on anything else except Carrera Metallic White but we'll stick with this unless changes in other areas dictate cutting back costs in another area like paint.
  • Roadster Top in Black
  • Leather Interior in Black – shied away from Alcantara®, couldn’t get deviated stitching on GTS; really wanted the leather-covered seat backs but no $$ left plus with the silver exterior the silver seat backs don't stand out as much.
  • Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) – We have it now, love it (I drive in Sports & Sports+/manual mode a lot)
  • 20” 911 Turbo Design Wheels – We have Carrera Classics now, really love the Turbo wheel look
  • Adaptive Cruise Control incl. Porsche Active Safe (PAS) – I’ve commented elsewhere; we have this on our 2014 MDX and love it for getting from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately not all “drives” are “drives!” and we will do a lot of long-distance road trips in the coming years. Based on our experience with the MDX this was almost a “mandatory”…it makes cruise control a useful option for long-distance legs.
  • Deletion of Model Designation – we like the clean look on the back end but we are leaving the more subtle GTS decals on the doors
  • Supplemental Safety Bars in Exterior Color – I prefer the painted look to the gloss GTS exterior or plain "silver plastic"
  • Smoking Package – We like the way it cleans up the console look plus adds the “active” 12v plug
  • ParkAssist (Front and Read) with Reversing Camera – We have had reversing cameras on three cars. The feature is really handy, and should be especially so in the Boxster when the top is up.
  • Power Steering Plus – We have it now on the BS, didn’t seem to impact our “spirited” Tour driving so we are keeping it on the new car
  • Deletion of Alcantara® - just can’t get comfortable with Alcantara for the long-term. Might change; will post for input from current owners
  • Power Folding Side Mirrors – really handy for parking in metro lots (yes, I do park in public lots)
  • SportDesign Steering Wheel in Leather – love the flappy paddles and between the fourth steering column stalk and the placement of PCM controls I don't need/want the MF wheel. To each his or her own...
  • Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDSL Plus) – we’ve had auto dimming high beams in the past and the new systems work really well. The Boxster had “the best” lights before adding this, now they can only get even better.
  • European Deliver (Zuffenhausen) – might do Leipzig, but our EU delivery plans favor starting at Zuffenhausen.
  • Adaptive Sports Seats Plus (18-way) with Memory Package - I need more adjustments than the 2-way seats provide and, thankfully, my wife likes to drive the car
  • Infotainment Package with BOSE® Surround Sound System – I’ve commented numerous times about how this “BOSE hater” really likes the sound design in the Boxster so could not justify the Burmester® system. I'm one of those guys you might call an "audiophile" (whatever the heck that means) so trust me, I was very surprised with the sound quality after I actually took the time to RTFM and then do all the needed adjustments.
  • Premium Package Plus i.c.w. Adaptive Sports Seats (18-way) - "Needed" to have illuminated make up mirrors (happy wife, happy life) and illuminated footwells (ditto)
  • Storage Compartment Lid with Porsche Crest – just something to break up the all black interior
  • Porsche Crest on Headrests – same; I wish I could get GTS embroidered headrests (I’ll be asking)
  • Seat Belts in Silver Grey – another way to break up the sea of black
  • Headlight Cleaning System Covers in Exterior Color – I didn’t want the little black bumps in front of the headlights (personal choice – I don’t dislike the look in general but we’ve had the chrome covers on our Agate Grey and I’d prefer to have the covers “disappear”). That being said, I think I've noticed that even the painted covers have a black gasket under them creating a black "ring" so I might just cancel this and save a few $$$. Heck - if I cancelled this and the Power Steering Plus I could just about pay for PTV. Hmmmmmm!?!
  • Center Console Trim in Brushed Aluminum – thought about black leather, but once again, we wanted to break up the sea of black
  • Brushed Aluminum Interior Package – I like the shiny stuff but my wife got tired of having to wipe down the trim strip every time she opened the cup holders (which we find useful for medium-sized plastic water bottles; ok for Starbucks® if you’re not “hot-footin’ it). Once again - there are two owners and drivers so I'm just being a proper husband here.
  • Rear Side Air Intakes Painted – We did the 3d configurator with and without, looked at what photos I could find and this turned out to be a personal design choice.
  • Side Mirror Painted (Lower Trim) – an aesthetic choice but also largely driven by my obsessive detailing and the extra work from having to clean wax overflow off the textured black plastic; trying to mask off the black on the underside of the mirrors is an exercise in frustration – I’ve tried it – so painted not only looks better (to us) but it makes my cleaning/polishing/waxing a bit less onerous.
  • European Navigation on PCM – I know we could use our phones, but we found the database really useful for the EU Delivery of our BMW (now departed) and given our experience with systems in Lexus, Acura, MB, BMW, and now Porsche we think this system is the best of them all.

That's all for now (and a lot - sorry for the long post). I'll show up in the waiters' club once the BS is on the transport truck. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The build: The Porsche Code*
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That's a heck of a build! Congrats!!

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Thanks. I think the whole of Planet 9 is anxiously awaiting photos of your new baby when it arrives!!!
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