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Porsche Club Racing returns to Lime Rock Park on Friday, 4/23 and Saturday, 4/24. This will be the third year we've gathered a group from Planet-9 to attend so it's become our traditional driving season kick-off ritual.

We should have an opportunity to do Parade Laps on the track during the lunch break also. Stay tuned for more infomation about that.

Saturday April 24

Lime Rock Park, CT

Who wants to go?

1. Marc-In-The-Box
2. jointeffort
3. PistolPete
4. V man
5. BigGuy
6. PCay60
7. Road Runner
8. UAVCaymanS*
9. ArcticCaymanS
10. jxreef
11. captainaudio
12. boxSTAR
13. ctcayman
14. mysticcs*
15. vrecaro
16. Ken Corsun
17. Fred The Framer
18. envirospace
19. Joe B
20. Bigwong*
21. kpmatt00
22. Gundo
23. [email protected] B1t3
24. anucci
25. robt


Full Route Map with meeting points:

684 Rest Stop to Lime Rock Park

Meeting Point A 7:30AM - 9:00AM
I-684 Rest Stop Northbound side right after Exit 8
GPS Coordinates: 41.362, -73.630

We'll gather here between 7:30AM and will leave at 9:00AM exactly for our backroads drive.

Meeting Point B 9:00AM - 10:30AM
Forza Motorsports
11 George Washington Plaza
Gaylordsville, CT

11 George Washington Plz, Gaylordsville, CT‎ - Google Maps

GPS Coordinates : 41.638, -73.482

Those can't meet us at the 684 rest stop should plan to meet the group here. The I-684 group should arrive here around 10:00AM

ctcayman is helping us arrange seating for a late lunch for our group here:

The WhiteHorse Pub
258 New Milford Turnpike
New Preston, CT 06777

258 New Milford Tpke, New Preston, CT‎ - 06777 - Google Maps

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No problem Marc.

I'm surprised at the lack of response so far. I think everyone is still hibernating. Time for one of my email blasts later...

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I will not be able to make on 4/24. My daughter has concert at the Lincoln Center! She plays the Viola for a group known as the Shoreline Youth Symphony Orchestra (SySO) in CT. CS is still "under the covers". I will wake her up in April. Nice weekend expected. Saw a nice CS today.

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Pete, There is a small issue, I can't decide between this weekend and the Porsche Swap Meet in Hershey! This might be why there is a lack luster response. Put me for a maybe on this one as well. My attendance percentage is about 50% (defintely this or the swap meet) but not sure which one.

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There's also a DE event in NJ that day with Novice driving opportunities so it's a tough decision to make. I've wanted to do Hershey for years but I just don't want to do the 4 hours of driving each way in one day. Used to do it at the drop of a hat but just not up to it anymore. Lime Rock is the perfect disatnce from LI, about 2 hours or a bit more and the perfect drive for the last 25 miles or so to the park.

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Pete, I'll be there working both days for CVR. I don't know where they will have me yet, I usually don't find out until that morning. I'll look for the group at lunch time.
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