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News from over the pond, also posted on the fledgling UK Cayman site Forums - CaymanOC - Cayman Owners Forum

About two weeks after picking my CS it threw up a fault code, P0018 Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation (Bank 2 Sensor A). Everything felt fine, I was in the area the next week so popped into the dealer I bought it from. They checked and said they could not find anything and it could just be a glitch. Cleared the code and off I went. Last week, one week after the warranty expired (!) it threw the same code. The dealer I bought from is two hours from me so popped into Nine Excellence (excellent UK Indy), much closer. This is what they found

"After carrying out a diagnostic check of the DME fault codes on your Cayman, we have found that the Bank 2 camshaft is slow to advance, and return. When the engine is revved the camshafts should advance by 30 degrees. Both banks are doing this, but Bank 2 is slower to advance, and takes quite a while to return back to 0 degrees.
The 2 parts that control this function are the Camshaft actuator, and the hydraulic control solenoid, Due to the actuator being a fairly big job to replace, it is our recommendation to replace the hydraulic solenoid first at £225 +VAT"

I spoke to dove house (original dealer), they got back to me within the hour and agreed to allow Nine Excellence to change the part at their cost. If that didn't clear it they agreed to fix the more expensive fault at theirs again at their cost. As I say, out of warranty (just) but they offered to sort without me prompting them. I think there was a tacit acknowledgment that they should have done a proper check when I went back previously.

So on balance -1 for Dove House for not picking it up first time but +1.5 for sorting at my convenience and their cost with no unpleasantness, I'd buy from them again.

Nine are my nearest indy garage and will get my business in the future, they have some lovely classics in their workshop. Always a good sign.

I'm glad I paid the premium to buy from a reputable dealer, I'm sure I would have battled to get sorted from a 'normal' dealer outside warranty or, God forbid, private.

The replacement solenoid has fixed the fault by the way. The actuator replacement would, I believe, require an engine drop so would have been £££££
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