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I had the P2187 (bank 1) and P2189 (bank 2) error codes come up several times after I reset them with durametrics. I was in Pin and Needles for a while. You allways think of the worst.

My searches resulted in this post from a fellow at Renntech forum with the handle Loren:

CEL fault code p2187 - Forums

(quote)P2187 Oxygen Sensing Adaptation, Idle Range, Bank 1 (RKAT1) - Above Limit

Possible fault cause
- Incorrect main charge signal
- Intake air system leaking
- Fuel pressure too low
- Volume supply of fuel pump too low
- Mechanical fault in injection valves
- PCV valve leaks
- Cap of oil filler neck leaking
- Leaks in exhaust system
- EVAP canister purge valve mechanically faulty (hangs open)
- EVAP canister purge valve output stage faults

Chances are it was the gas cap.
Don't worry about unless it comes back on. Then check the other possible causes.(end quote)

In my particular case it turned out to be the oil filler cap was not fully closed.

In the mean time I cleaned the mass air flow sensor, (Scott Slausons suggestion). I had a mechanic tell me my alternator was starting to fail, I would had to change the mass air flow sensor, the catalitic was failing, I had a leak in the exhaust. The world was comming to an end.:eek::(

Thank goodness it was just the oil cap.:rolleyes: The renntech info was the best I could find on this particular error codes. I hope this post saves someone some of the anguish and grief I went through.

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Thanks for the TShoot findings! How did you narrow it down to the oil cap since the code seem to focus on the fuel intake side?
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