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Hey there everyone,

Spring is close at hand and with it comes the fun season of driving again. The Race Line is now offering Pagid Racing Brake Pads, which are generally considered to be one of the best brake pads on the market.

There is some great information about these pads, bedding in, temp ranges and construction of these very good pads on the site below, and rather than repeat it here, I figure I would simply add the link here for everyone.

Technical info: PAGID RACING - Motorsport and High Performance Brake Pads

Pagid Racing (orange) front
#99 5541 536 $235.84

Pagid Racing (orange) rear
#99 5541 537 $214.16

Pagid Racing (black) front
#99 5541 636 $254.43

Pagid Racing (black) rear
#99 5541 637 $221.48

Pagid Racing (yellow) RS 19 front
#99 5541 836 $320.32

Pagid Racing (yellow) RS 19 rear
#99 5541 837 $289.20

Pagid Racing (yellow) RS 29 front
#99 5541 936 $320.32

These are currently in stock, shipping is in addition to these prices.

I realize that many Cayman S and Boxster S owners have used these pads with great success in years past, it would be great if people would chime in here with their experiences. It is always better to hear from actual users here rather than a sales pitch from me. The Race Line will be continuing to add new parts here for the forum members, and we are always looking for suggestions. If you are on the hunt for something, please feel free to give us a call.

I look forward to working with you all.

Best Regards, and happy driving.

Erik Johnson
The Race Line
(970) 344-7761 phone
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