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Here's the deal I got. Retail prices of $7k. Early adapters can receive the parts for $5,000 with half due up front and the remainder due at completion. I am not affiliated in any way other than currently running their full line. I paid and am simply sharing my experiences.
The quality and attention to detail is stunning. I am a bit of a style fiend so seeing the machine tooling marks and such was simply beautiful. No noises at 500 miles. Will report track feel next weekend. Does anybody else know what crosses over suspension wise from the 981 to other chassis's? When i contacted these guys i told them i needed the best but wasn't willing to overpay for the current market brands out. Delivery was spot on! Could not be happier.
I would be willing to help set up a group buy if the community is interested. I am not providing contact information as i am not a vendor. PM me for any inquires to contact. Auto part Machine Tool Transmission part
Auto part Metal
Auto part Collection
Metalworking hand tool Tool Chisel Metalworking Toolbox

Paragon Autosport presents a complete suspension for the Porsche 987/981. Includes the following:

Front lca
Rear lca
Shim kit for f+r lca's for camber
Front thrust arms
Front outer tie rods
Front swaybar endlinks
Rear thrust arms
Rear swaybar endlinks
Rear toe links

All FK Teflon monoball, heat treated studs, comes with shims and standoffs for a wide range of adjustability. Anti dive, roll center adjustment etc all included. Also anodized black with high end stainless and black oxide hardware on all parts.
4340 heat treated studs on outer tie rods, toe links and LCA's. Aluminum is all 6061. Stainless hiem adapter bushings on all connections.
Truly beautiful parts with tons of adjustability & a great connection to the road.

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