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Sometimes I have the patience of a saint. I figure, conservatively that equates to a majority of the time. Like 51%. The other 49% of the time…not so much. Between trying to publish my first novel, upgrade my 2006 Cayman S (CS), deal with two teenage boys and the other 87 things I have to deal with on a daily basis (like my day job) man…it is a wonder that I have any patience left. No really….

So let’s talk about the car first. I want to put a certain performance part on the CS. Did my research, narrowed it down (there are like three choices to begin with anyway so I did not have that many options to start with) and finally picked up the phone to call the company. Getting a hold of the owner (for most of these companies, the owner probably doubles as the receptionist, designer, tester and a lot of other roles), I had a lot of questions; does it fit without many modifications, will it really help as advertised, what else will I need to do, ETC. He dutifully answered all of the questions; I was close to pulling the trigger.

But then he slipped in this little statement. Like most people, he got excited talking to someone that shares the same passion that he has. He could not stop himself. And what he told me was that he had a newer version on the drawing board. It did more with less. Oh yes, more with less…I like that, it appeals to my sense of simplicity. So I asked him when the part would be ready and he said soon, very soon. You realize at this point he lost the sale on the first part, he could have said nothing…just let me take that long winding path towards a purchase decision, took my credit card number and shipped the damn thing. But no…his passion or loose mouth got the best of him. And now I must wait. And Wait.

I called him once or twice a week asking about the status of the new part. He said he had not received the prototype yet - soon he hoped. Weeks go by and then he finally received the prototype, I was so happy to hear that. But it needed a couple of modifications / changes, it went back to the place that manufactures the parts to implement the changes for the next prototype. So I wait and wait. Now it has been over two months…still waiting for this darn part. I continue to call. After more weeks of waiting, the second prototype arrived and has been tested, and it was determining that it is indeed the correct version, I am so happy. So can I buy it? No. Now I am going to have to wait until the production parts are ready. That means…More waiting. How about NOW, can I buy it now, when will it be shipped? No I must wait a little more, the parts are getting plated. More waiting. I call some more. Now they tell me the part is finally in.

I have missed a couple of track days waiting for this part so I am not too happy with this vendor. But I have waited. At some point the 51% will exhaust itself and I will feel compelled to buy the original part, even if the new one does more with less. The other 49% eventually rearing its ugly head, I hate waiting. I have not yelled at the vendor…yet, but I have wanted to on more than one occasion. The patience of a saint? Man it is being TESTED! I sure hope it comes in as promised; I really (REALLY) want to attend the track event this weekend! (Note, the part did not make it on time and I missed driving my car at yet another track event.) At this point my ears have steam coming out. But I must wait…and wait. Because it is the only darn part out there that will do the job. Just don’t ask me to recommend this vendor, it is not that customer service is a foreign concept, it is in fact an alien concept: unreturned phone calls, emails, ship dates…and on and on. Keep repeating….51%....51%....

It is like my book, The Driver – A Marc Lange Novel. In this book my hero, Marc Lange has to find a way to fund his racing team to keep them racing. He has been a patient guy too, but the team is running too close to the vest, one blown motor away from shuttering the doors, so the 49% becomes the dominant factor. Or like my friends waiting for the “supposed” book to come out, their 51% left long ago. Patience is waiting…but only for so long. Same thing with its author, I have been waiting for my graphics guy to get the interior graphics done, waiting for the formatting gal to finish the interior of the book so I can get some proofs out to my “beta” readers. I have to take a VERY deep breath and prey that the 51% still has a little left in the tank.
I will give the parts vendor until Monday for the part to show up. Then he gets to listen to the guy my wife puts on the phone when yelling needs to be done. Yeah the 49% guy. Hope he has thick skin. The graphics guy? I am so low on his list of priorities, but what do you expect when I am getting a very discounted rate on world-class graphics. The novel formatter? Getting close to 51%!! But have to remember to take a deep breath and exhale. Hope I remember that Monday if the part does not show up….

See you all next month.

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I know exactly what you're feeling.

3/13/11 3pm. Rod bolt failure, #5 piston......

By early June-- 2 bent exhaust valves (from #5) replaced, all new valve springs, heads clean/ported/polished, new clutch while we're at it, waiting at Patrick Motorsports... Just need the block!

6/17/11 3.8 (overbored) block back from LNE with new nikosil plating, custom JE forged pistons, R&R Pro billet chromoly rods, ARP fasteners.....

Now they just have to piece it back together. Over 3 months with no track days....

ooooooh, when will I get it back, when will I get i back....


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I cannot find any information that you've posted here about your engine failure back in March. Do you have some specifics on what happened? Who diagnosed the engine failure? Who tore it down, etc? How about some break downs on the work being done and the associated costs so that our other members here who are facing engine rebuilds can look at what you've done and make some educated choices about whether or not to rebuild and if so how, etc?
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