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I was at the Annual PCA open house and have some GT4 and 987/981 pictures. Circumstances were difficult with rain, on and off, then pouring rain. Trying to isolate cars was impossible.

The first car is the TPC Racing GT4 car depicted in this thread and in this video Looks like they added some racing stripes. The car next to it is a 944 Turbo.

Now some different angles

And there was a dark blue GT4.

And a view of the dark blue GT4 across in the rain. That is a 928S next to it.

And some others. There were many 986 Boxsters but there usually is. Here are some 981 cars:

A Cayman GTS

The silver Cayman on the right was the PCA raffle car. In the background, the white 356 is a 1958 Cabriolet.

Here is the video of awarding the Raffle car

And there were a tiny handful of 987

Yes, the headlights are blown out ... oh well, different color

Despite the weather, the 986 cars always show up, the 987 cars are (IMO) disappearing (what's up with that?) and there were maybe a half dozen 981 plus 2 GT4. I didn't get pictures of them all. There could have been more but conditions were not conducive to hunting them down.

I have more pictures of the historic cars that I'll put in the Automotive general subforum.

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Made this event last year but was unable to this year so thanks for the photos. Bummer about the rain but Porsches don't melt in the rain!

Did the TPC GT4 have the elusive lightweight buckets seats?
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