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As evidenced by my other thread begging for a wiring diagram (nothing yet...) I'm trying to sort out the audio system in my car.

According to the build sheet, the car has:
619 Bluetooth Interface for Mobile Phone
680 Bose High End Sound Package
870 Universal Audio Interface
686 XM Radio
P23 PCM 3.0 w/Extended Navigation
640 Sport Chrono Package Plus

Cliff's Notes/ TLDR; version:
- Coding all screwed up
- Not sure if I'm missing hardware components - tho let's assume components I DO have are "good"
- What hardware components should my car have?
--- Just the amp under the seat? Anything else? What about a separate DVD drive or something? Or just the main head unit?
- What *coding* options should my car be set up for in the Gateway?
- Any other *coding* that needs to happen in other modules somewhere?
- Do you have a 987.2 with these options AND a Durametric and willing to send me screenshots of Gateway coding options?

The longer version:

Long long long story short, it's a 2006 shell but a complete 2010 conversion (dash, modules, harness, motor, everything). So there's a chance that something here is missing or damaged. However I really hesitate to even state this for fear of someone immediately assuming "something's damaged"... I'd rather go down the path of "let's assume hardware and wiring is *good*"

The components I have were (I'm told by the shop that did the work) all lifted from the same donor vehicle (wiring harness, radio gear, control modules, etc), and according to the shop that did the install - the audio gear worked, played sound, "sounded nice!" while still in the donor car. So for NOW, I'm opting NOT to assume "faulty components" tho the time between the shop's testing of the gear in the donor car, to the time they got it connected to the new car, was probably almost a year. I have a STRONG suspicion it's all in the coding.

During all the other install work (engine transplant, etc), the shop had a technician run amok with the PIWIS, changing coding options, etc. and it caused all kinds of problems that took them MANY months to even get the car to RUN much less small stuff (like the radio) working. (Yes they've long since fired that guy). They eventually got it 90% of the way done, and the "important stuff" working (PSM, PASM, Sport mode, Sport exhaust, dash, A/C, etc.) and I told them to just leave the rest... I'll try to sort it myself (I'm a decent problem solver and tinkerer). The radio was one of the things they left behind at my request.

If I plug the radio in... it powers up. It thinks it's playing music. It even syncs with my phone's BT. Radio RDS data comes in when on radio. If I stick a CD in, it starts playing. Tune to the SAT and I get directed to the XM1 Preview channel as expected. But I get zero sound.

While doing my own discovery, I found a blown 30A fuse in E4. Replaced that, and was able to verify I then had 12V at the Bose amp. So far, so good! Still no audio tho.

Messing around this morning (have Durametric Pro), noticed that nothing was coded as "installed" on the Gateway related to audio, and I suspect the krux of the problem is here because it's got a fault set for "incorrect coding" on the Gateway. Radio gateway, Radio/PCM gateway, Bose external amplifier, Satellite radio, navigation, etc... all set to "Not Installed". AH-HA! I thought... but after spending 2 hours flipping bits back and forth, still nothing. And "incorrect coding" fault still set. One thing that I've noticed when fixing other coding problems (in other modules) is that, if something is coded "off" but the module is plugged in (or vice-versa) it seems to set that "incorrect coding" fault.

I also noticed I didn't have any kind of radio or phone options that showed up on the instrument cluster. Poking around with the Durametric and the cluster coding options - I was able to get that working. Tune the radio, can see the station show up on the display. Can go through the phone book etc. So that part is clearly talking correctly.

Who has a 987.2 with the above options + Durametric, and can possibly send me screenshots of how your Gateway is coded?

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Ok I wonder if perhaps the HU itself needs coding?

Found this - see the last post:

with PCM 3.0 the PCM units or Bose and non-Bose are the same - in the parts catalogue there is no difference so the activation of Bose specific features must be through coding
I do notice that I do not have the "Surround Sound" options like I do in my Cayenne or wife's 981 Boxster (both w/Bose).
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