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My 2009 Boxster S is at the dealer at the moment getting navigation maps updated. The dealer says that when attempting to load the updated map database they get the following error:

Update of navigation database aborted due to an error
Error code: 1056
Error text: No space available

Anyone seen this before? Dealer doesn't know how to proceed. Regional Tech not responded yet.

Background: I bought my car new in 2009. It came with MY09 North America maps. In 2013 I took my car to Europe for a couple of years and I had the MY13 Europe maps installed while I was over there. When I returned to the USA last month I was told I needed to get the latest US Maps, which I did (MY15 North America maps). But they won't install. I have tried two local (Bay Area) dealers. Neither know what to do. Dealer says he knows of no way to delete existing maps, which may free space.

Thanks in advance for any help or comments.

RO67452 PCM Error.jpg
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