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PCM 3.0 - Porsche Communications Management - [P23]

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PCM_3_0_faq_draftPCM 3.0Porsche Communication Management (PCM 3.0)

Option Code:P23Price:

Cayman and Cayman S


PCM was revised on the 2009 Porsche models, with
the Caymans and Boxsters offering as an option PCM 3.0 with extended navigation
upon the introduction of the refreshed models. PCM 3.0 featured
significant revisions, most notably a larger, 6.5" color screen with touchscreen
controls along with 15 buttons and 2 knobs, in lieu of the 32 individual
buttons and 2 knobs of the previous non-touchscreen version found with PCM 2.1.
A dual tuner audio system is provided with integrated MP3-able CD/DVD-player
supporting audio/video DVDs (unlike PCM 2.1), GPS hard-disc-based navigation
module (in lieu of DVD-based as with PCM
2.1) with dynamic route planning. The
on-board computer allows the driver to view both audio and navigation
information simultaneously. All PCM 3.0 models come with the extended
navigation feature permitting tracking of locations off the GPS map. The
new model features a black facia in lieu of the platinum facia appearance with
the PCM 2.1. The new PCM 3.0 also works with the newly available
Bluetooth interface, XM satellite radio (with live "XM Traffic" displays on the
screen) and "Universal Audio Interface" (i.e., iPod®/MP3 player connection) options
that can be accessed through the PCM buttons and on-screen interface.

Also starting in 2009, PCM 3.0 required purchase of either Option Code 490
- Sound Package Plus (standard on the Cayman S) or Option Code 680 - Bose
Surround Sound System, so you're out of luck if you want factory-installed
high-end navigation combined with the basic 4-speaker stereo set-up in the
Cayman 2.9 model.

It is noted that PCM 3.0 cannot be retrofitted into pre-2009 models with either
PCM 2.1 or the standard CDR-24 radio. There are kits for retrofitting
available for 2009 or 2010 models with the standard CDR-30 radio, but you
will lose any other features (e.g., XM satellite radio, iPod/MP3 connection,
Bluetooth) you may have with the CDR-30. The retrofits must be brand new and
sourced from Porsche; retrofitting from one car to another will invalidate
the mysterious codes provided with the PCM 3.0 unit by Porsche. (See
useful thread on
PCM 3.0 retrofit reversal

Related Options:

The following options require PCM 3.0:

870 - Universal Audio Interface ($440)

On PCM equipped vehicles, includes an iPod®
port, a USB port for memory sticks or MP3 players, and an Auxiliary-In port for
other external devices. (A version for CDR-30 radios costs $95 but only includes
the Aux-In port, though it uses the same option code!!). iPods and USB sticks
are fully controllable via PCM. For other auxiliary devices, a limited range of
functions are accessible via PCM.

693 - 6-Disc CD/DVD Changer ($650)

For the first time, in 2009, Porsche
offered an in-dash CD changer in the 987, but only with PCM. Includes
ability to play MP3 music files and Audio DVDs. The remote 6-disc CD
Changer (Code 692) mounted in the front storage compartment is no longer
available with PCM (in 2009-2010 it could still be ordered with the standard
CDR-30 radio).

671 - PCM Voice Control ($595)

Voice activation for navigation, telephone, and
stereo functions. According to the Porsche website car configurator, it is
"(a)vailable for customer specified orders only." Some dealers have been
telling customers that the system has issues and not to order it, this has not
been independently verified but few cars seem to have it.

641 - Electronic Logbook ($650)

Enables automatic acquisition of mileage, driving distance, date, time and
address of starting point and destination at every trip including PC-software
for data download and evaluation.

640 - Sport Chrono Package Plus ($960, $1320 if PDK is ordered)

In addition to the performance-related features discussed
, provides the ability within the PCM touchscreen interface to
adjust lighting, wipers, AC and door locking settings to suit personal


Benefits: PCM 3.0 provides a
much more modern, user-friendly interface than PCM 2.1 for both navigation and
audio, and is better-suited to the variety of audio / Bluetooth phone
capabilities available on the '09 and later Porsches, including satellite radio
and iPod/MP3 interfaces. Map appearance is improved considerably.
Availability of built-in CD changer. If you order XM satellite radio with
PCM, you also get XM real-time traffic reports on your map display.
Drawbacks: Even after paying over $3k for PCM 3.0, you still
have to pay extra for those other goodies. The unit can be retrofitted to other '09-10 models but
only with the navigation system. Any existing options such as satellite
radio and Bluetooth purchased in conjunction with the standard CDR-30 will not
work. Best option if you want both the built-in nav and the other options is to
buy PCM 3.0 when you order the car and the PCM will be appropriately
factory-configured. No way to retrofit the 3.0 model to older (pre-2009)
models with PCM 2.1 or CDR-24.
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FAQ Information:
This FAQ was written by engnr1 and the
FAQ Team
. Last Revised: April 2010

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