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This morning i get in car to head to work. I already dropped kid #1 at school.

Top down, go out of garage, volume does not bring more music/sound. diddle with the PCM, finally the unit is unresponsive, with only the navi/map working.

whatever - drive to work...enjoy the drive, all 9 minutes of it.

I get to work - but do not turn off power. Head unit still powered - unit mainly unresponsive.

Keep in mind i am in Orange County, my dealership where I bought it (friend of owner) is in San Diego - say 1.5 hours on a good day - double in traffic. I really do not want to do that this week.

I go in, and start bitching with wife.."here we go again"....

for sh$tz and giggles, i go back out to the car.

This is such a telegraphed pass from Magic....And it works fine - everything, BT, SAT, Sirius XM, FM, AM, phone everything.

I guess i'll wait until (geez) it happens again...

Has anyone ever experienced this? Similar experiences?

Thanks in advance.

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