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Just an FYI in case anyone else encounters the same problem ... left me scratching my head for a while.

PCM3.0 won't play mp3s encoded with VBR (Variable bit rate). Found out the hard way. Both google play and amazon mp3 encode most of their mp3s in variable bit rate (probably to save on space). I say "most" because i've found it is totally random, just depends on the source material/album they ripped it from I guess. But it seems to be about 75% VBR based on the recent mp3s I've bought from amazon or google.

If the mp3 is VBR, PCM3.0 will read the mp3 info, and show it listed in the directory of your usb drive, but when you try to play it it fails and just skips it and goes on to the next mp3 in the list.

I had to re-encode them to Constant bit rate (CBR) and then all of a sudden PCM3.0 can play them again.
Total pain in the ***.
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