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I was driving along in automatic mode at 35 MPH when suddenly, out of the blue, there was this loud clunking/thunking sound.
I immediately pulled off to the side of the road.
Called the towing service. Car is now at my local shop which specializes in German autos.

Message center said: "Transm fault Poss. No R Gear Drive on Poss"
I've heard this fault code could be reset in many cases, but in my case I think that's not possible.
Has anyone heard of a PDK transmission failing in this manner ?
Car only has 15k miles on it.
From my research on the Porsche forums, there are indications that 2013/2014 boxster/cayman PDK trannies could have been problematic.
Boy, do I wish I had known this before I bought the car !
I own a Macan that GTS model 2017, at 3500 km the PDK gearbox was damaged which was changed by warranty and at 25,000 km it failed again, it is my first Porsche and I am very disappointed, I lost all reliability in my vehicle
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